What Do Pond Goldfish Eat?

pond goldfish

Goldfish in an aquarium have a different diet than goldfish that live in a pond. Sadly, many pond goldfish owners attempt to feed their pond goldfish the same diet as an aquarium goldfish, which often results in disaster. This article will cover everything that you need to know about what to feed pond goldfish. The … Read more

Do Goldfish Poop and Pee?

goldfish poop and pee

If you own a goldfish or are considering buying one, then you have probbably about this question before: Do goldfish poop and pee? Sort of, goldfish poop through their vent (anus) located between the caudal fin (tail) and the anal fin. However, goldfish do not pee as they release ammonia through their gills. With that … Read more

Can Goldfish Eat Tropical Fish Food?

goldfish tropical fish flakes

Goldfish rank as one of the most popular aquarium fish. Just think of all the goldfish offered as prizes for some rigged carnival game. This popularity of goldfish has led to many inexperienced goldfish owners not knowing what to feed their fish. Many new goldfish owners wonder if they can feed their goldfish tropical fish … Read more

Do Goldfish Bite?

goldfish bite

A common question that pops up with newbie goldfish owners is, “Will these adorable goldfish bite my finger if I stick it in the tank?” Yes, goldfish can and likely will bite your finger if you stick it in the tank. However, there is one major caveat to so-called goldfish bites… Goldfish don’t actually have … Read more