Do Guppies Eat Plants?

guppy plants

Everyone loves an aquarium with plants, right? Plants, especially live plants, add a great aesthetic appeal to a fish tank. However, there is one concern on the back of every guppy owner’s mind when placing plants in a tank with guppies. Do guppies eat plants? Yes, guppies do eat plants. Fortunately, guppies mostly eat algae … Read more

What Fish Eat Guppies?

what fish eat guppies

Basically, any fish that eats other fish will eat guppies if they are close enough in size. Bettas, oscars, piranhas, needlenose gar, cichlids, and even small catfish all eat guppies or guppy fry. It’s a fish eat fish world out there! Of course, there are differences between guppies. Feeder guppies are meant to be fed … Read more

Can Guppies Eat Bread?

loaf of bread

Yes, guppies can eat bread. But it’s probably not a good idea to feed your guppies bread because bread has yeast, sugar, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredients that are not healthy for guppies. With that in mind, do not feed your guppies bread. We know it’s tempting to feed guppies bread, but it’s just not … Read more