Do Turtles Yawn?

turtles yawning

Have you noticed your turtle yawning? Are you curious if turtles can even yawn, or if something else is going on when it appears to yawn? Turtles can and do yawn. They will yawn whether in the water or out of the water. Sometimes they yawn to get extra oxygen or to drink water when … Read more

Why Do Turtles Dig Holes?

turtles dig holes

Is your pet turtle digging holes? Have you ever noticed a turtle in the wild digging holes? Turtles, unlike dogs, always have a very good reason for digging a hole. Those reasons include layings eggs, regulating their body temperature, and hunting for food. Figuring out why they dig a hole can oftentimes prove difficult, but … Read more

Do Turtles Get Cold?

cold turtles

All animals have a temperature that is best for them. When it comes to turtles, temperature is even more important because turtles are cold blooded. To answer the question, yes, turtles do get cold. Fortunately, turtles are cold-blooded and can handle cold weather. They handle temperature drops by lowering their metabolism and not moving. Like … Read more