Can Plecos Eat Bananas?

plecos bananas

I have already covered on this site how plecos can eat most vegetables. They can also eat fruit like apple slices if you prepare them properly (not recommended, however, due to the sugar content). So, will plecos eat bananas? It depends on your plecos. Some plecos absolutely love bananas while others won’t touch them. The … Read more

Can Plecos Eat Peas?

plecos peas

Plecos have earned the label of a fish that eats pretty much everything. Wood, apples, and broccoli are all foods that a pleco can and will eat. But will these cute armored catfish eat peas? Of course, plecos can, will, and do eat peas. It does take a little prep work to prepare the pea, … Read more

Can Plecos Eat Apples?

plecos eat apples

Plecos eat just about anything that you give them. Owners of these fish have discovered that they eat zucchini, broccoli, wood, and even algae. This raises the very interesting question, will plecos eat apples? Yes, plecos will eat apples. I do not recommend feeding your plecos apples as it can cause an algae bloom in … Read more