Can Guppies Eat Bread?

loaf of bread

Yes, guppies can eat bread. But it’s probably not a good idea to feed your guppies bread because bread has yeast, sugar, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredients that are not healthy for guppies.

With that in mind, do not feed your guppies bread. We know it’s tempting to feed guppies bread, but it’s just not good for them. Guppies that eat too much bread or other grains can have discoloration, bacterial infections, and will likely not live nearly as long as guppies on a well-balanced diet of guppy food.

Anyway, the rest of this article will focus on what you can and should feed your guppies!

What to feed guppies?

guppies in tank

Fortunately, feeding guppies the right food is not difficult. Plenty of fish food is available online or at pet stores for a very reasonable price.

We recommend purchasing any type of commercially available fish food meant specifically for guppies. This food will have a specific blend of vegetables and other organic matter that will meet the nutritional demands of guppies.

Remember, guppies are omnivores that eat algae, small plants, and mosquito larvae, but their nutritional needs are met perfectly fine by a mostly vegetarian diet.

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The protein available in guppy food is enough to meet their rather small protein demands.

Even better, guppies do not eat much food, so you do not have to spend an inordinate amount of money on feeding them.

Homemade Guppy Food

Another common question people have is, “Can I make my own guppy food?”

Yes, you can easily make your own guppy food!

It’s a very simple process to make homemade guppy food from kitchen scraps. Here are the exact steps for making homemade guppy food:

  1. Chop up green vegetables.
    1. Lettuce, spinach, and even carrots work great for homemade guppy food.
  2. Place the chopped vegetables in the oven, sun, or a dehydrator to dry them out.
  3. You now have homemade guppy food flakes!

Now, these flakes do not have enough protein to meet the nutritional demands of guppies, so we recommend adding a little protein in the form of powdered eggs, shrimp shells, or grinded up worms.

For protein, any small animal that would be found in a river works fine for guppy food. Guppies will eat mosquito larvae, dead frogs, and most small dead insects (ants, mosquitos, worms, etc.).

Other Foods You Should Not Feed Guppies

So, guppies will eat pretty much anything that they can put in their mouth. But it’s probably not good for them. Here are some other foods that you should not feed your guppies:

  • Grains.
  • Rice.
  • Anything with artificial flavors.
  • Sugar.
  • Any food with yeast.
  • Live worms or insects because they can carry bacteria. Dead worms are OK.

Final Thoughts

Well, that covers it for whether you can feed guppies bread.

You should not feed guppies bread. Bread contains yeast and artificial flavors, which is bad for the beautiful coloration of guppies, the digestive system of guppies, and it will shorten the life of guppies.

Fortunately, guppy food is extremely affordable and easy to purchase. It’s also easy to make your own guppy food, which is probably healthier than any commercial guppy food.

With all that said, a little bread will not harm your guppies. Just look at this video!

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