Do Tetra Eat Algae? (All Varieties Covered)

If you have a freshwater fish tank, then you have algae in it. That is just a simple fact of having a freshwater tank – algae is unavoidable. Fortunately, there are some fish breeds out there that will eat algae.

Yes, tetra of all varieties will eat algae because tetra are omnivores. In fact, tetras that eat algae will have much stronger colors than those that don’t eat algae, which is good news because tetra have magnificent colors and every freshwater tank has algae in it.

Perfect Tetra Diet

So, tetras are omnivores, which means they need to eat meat AND vegetable matter for their perfect diet.

For meat, tetras usually get that from small invertebrates like shrimp, insects that fall in the tank, bloodworms, and very small fish. You can also feed tetras flakes that contain protein and fat to meet their fat and protein needs.

It’s really easy for them to get an optimal on just flakes and/or pellets.

Remember, they’re omnivores so tetras still need some vegetable matter in their diet. This is where algae enters the picture. In nature, tetras will nibble on random bits of algae that form on rocks and other places like that.

That’s all the algae they need. And that brings us to our next point.

Yes, tetras eat algae, but they will not completely solve your algae problem. They do not need that much algae and the fish themselves are small enough that even if they ate a lot it’s still not much because, well, the fish are pretty small.

Does a Healthy Diet Mean Better Color For Tetras?

Tetras are usually put in aquariums because of their stunning colors. The fish really do look magnificent with the sharp contrast in their colors.

To answer the question, yes, a healthy diet, which includes algae, will give all tetras much sharper colors. It’s also important to ensure proper tank conditions for maximum color beauty – stressed tetras will have duller colors.

Algae Wafers and Tetras

Algae wafers are basically algae tablets that you drop in a fish tank for fish to eat. These are typically used with vegetarian fish that live in a very low algae tanks where it’s difficult to get all the plant matter needed for a healthy diet.

Remember, tetras are omnivores, so they don’t really need that many vegetables in their diet. Yes, you can give your tetras algae wafers, but it’s a waste because the tetra will just nibble on them. They will not eat an entire algae wafer as they don’t need to eat that much algae for a healthy diet.

Do All Tetras Eat Algae?

algae tetras

Yes, neon tetras, rummy nose tetras, ember tetras, skirted tetras, and cardinal tetras all eat algae. The bigger the tetra, the more algae it will eat, but no species of tetra get very big.

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