Can Plecos Eat Bloodworms?

Plecos are omnivores, which comes as a surprise to many pleco owners as they almost always feed their plecos peas or other vegetables. They will also eat quite a bit of algae.

As omnivores, they will eat meat on occasion because they do need some amount of meat in their diet to remain healthy.

So, will plecos eat bloodworms?

Yes, plecos will eat bloodworms. In fact, I would rank it as a pleco’s favorite type of food. This is especially true if you do not feed your pleco much protein. They will devour any bloodworms that they see in that case.

How to Feed a Pleco Bloodworms

Thankfully, feeding a pleco bloodworms is extremely easy. Frozen, fresh, or dry bloodworms are all perfectly fine for a pleco.

All you have to do is drop the frozen or dry bloodworms into the tank. If feeding them frozen bloodworms, then make sure to thaw them out before feeding them to your fish.

If feeding them fresh bloodworms, then cut up the bloodworms a little bit to make it easier for the plecos to eat them.

It’s really not difficult to feed plecos bloodworms.

How Often to Feed Plecos Bloodworms?

I recommend feeding your plecos bloodworms once or twice a week. Remember, they are omnivores so they can survive perfectly fine on just vegetables.

The benefit of feeding them meat, however, is that their colors will become a lot more vibrant. The fish will also become a little more active when you feed them bloodworms.

If you have not fed them meat in a long time, then you should expect the plecos to go a little crazy when they smell the bloodworms. It’s not uncommon for plecos to get a little aggressive toward other fish when you drop some meat in the tank if they haven’t had any in a long time.

Don’t worry, they won’t attack other fish, but they will chase off other fish when they smell bloodworms in the water.


To wrap things up, plecos will definitely eat bloodworms. It’s something I recommend feeding your plecos once or twice a week to ensure optimal health. They aren’t a particularly difficult food to feed your plecos as they require little to no prep can easily be found at just about every pet store.

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